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Who Are NTCM

We believe the Iranian regime must be changed. NTCM also consists of ex-High Ranking members of MEK and National Council of resistance NCRI, who have been victims of suppression and sexual abuses by terrorist-cult MEK leaders, Masoud and Maryam Rajavi. We help MEK's victims (Women, Men and Children) to recover and report about it. We disclose the strategy set forth by the MEK cult to deceive the world about their real goals and nature, which is to bring down the Western Civilization and its Culture, by pretending to be liberals, freedom loving, women’s right advocates, and even against fundamentalism to utilize all the resources in the West to gain power, then comes as Rajavi puts it "Mek’s Glorious Victory to bring down the corrupt West". NTCM defends Democracy and Human Rights and strongly condemns terrorism in all its forms and under any excuse backed by any religion and their destructive theories by disclosing their atrocities.

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Jihadism after the Caliphate/How to counter Jihadism in Europe

DSC00006June 6, 2018

Mr. Davood Arshad Chairman of NTCM tookpart in a conference in EU parliament organized by S&D.


I am Davood Arshad chairman of NTCM an NGO based in Germany that helps victims of extremism in Europe. I was a very young university student in Leeds when I was recruited by an extremist terrorist group called Mek led by Masoud Rajavi and his wife Maryam Rajavi that some of you may know her. I was then taken to Iraq. As my contribution to the conference I would like to add that:

Apart from what caliphate means or what the history of the idea is, for contemporary Muslims it is an ancient irrelevance, only interesting as a voice from a past that is safely consigned to history. It is not a concept that we can interpret and use today. Ancient practices exist in the history of almost every culture.

But Islamist terror groups the world over in order to deceive the people insist that, the history of the caliphate points to a time when Muslims were God-fearing and devout, puritanical and self-disciplined, and always willing to sacrifice their lives in the path of the Calipha chosen by the Allah.

how to fight Jihadism Conference

How to fight Jihadism Conference in EU Parliament

This vision is not simply a nostalgic memory. This ancient past is used to justify the present for certain Islamist terror groups such as Mek of Iran under caliphate of Masoud Rajavi and his wife Maryam Rajavi.

They argue, if they did something in the past, then we should follow their example. No further justification is needed, and even the most apparently cruel and barbaric actions require no further legitimization if they can be shown to be following the examples of such great actions or practices.  And they want to take the whole world down the road into the ancient past.

Masoud Rajavi and his wife Maryam Rajavi  as all other Islamist terror groups the world over, profess the revival of the caliphate, the regime that was installed by Muhammed’s righteous successors, to be emulated by all future generations of Muslims”.

Apart from what it is in content, its “Brutality difficult for us as contemporary human beings to even imagine, is the modus operandi of Caliphate rules. It calls for a scorched-earth policy against its enemies—which includes Christians, Jews, non-believers and all off shoots of Islam.  To give the conference an example of Caliphate style of leadership as Masoud Rajavi ruled Mek in Iraq and advocates and practice is designed to transfer their followers to Robots that can commit barbarism beyond human imagination to strike fear into the hearts and minds of its opponents and anyone who doesn’t stand with them in their strict Sharia code.


Masoud Rajavi having declared himself as Caliphate in Iraq ordered the divorce all couples under guise of “love is only for God and his Caliphate with that love I can topple the Iranian Regime!!!”

Masoud Rajavi then thinking that the women are still thinking of having a child will bring back the desire of having a husband preferably the ex, ordered the removal of the Womb of the women members.

Later Rajavi called all the women members now considered as Caliphates belongings to marry him. Maryam Rajavi advocated and managed weddings and Harem (where the women of the Caliphate are kept).

Caliphate advocators insist that Calipha as representative of the God owns the life the property and the family of the people on earth.

Based on that Masoud Rajavi ordered self-immolation of 12 members of Mek in Paris and London in 2003 as a suicide warning to French judiciary which as result two died one a 25 years old University student in London and a mother of two in Paris. The rest that survived death suffered extensive burns beyond imagination.

Image result for ‫خودسوزی های مجاهدین‬‎

He would send them to suicidal operation just to create martyrs.

I would also agree with the analysis of Mr. Thomas Heggzimmer senior research fellow at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment that “Organization” plays a vital role for the terrorists to continue their terrorism.  That means despite the blows they receive to their Organization, try to keep it intact and revive it. Masoud Rajavi sacrificed hundreds of its members in Iraq to keep it intact and finally they were transferred to Albanina as an organization.

two women died out of 12 self immolation ordered by the Caliph "Masoud Rajavi"

Neda Hassani and Sedighe Mojaveri, two women who died out of 12 self immolation ordered by the Calipha “Masoud Rajavi” Mek terrorist organization

Mek’s existence in Albania is of great security concern for its government and in the EU, because more than 2000 highly trained by the Army of Saddam Hossein are reorganized in Albania.

With regards to fighting terrorist jihadist groups it is worth mention that ISIS is very much easier to fight than Mek, while ISIS is like Trump openly relays his deeds before committing it. While Mek is keeping low profile and hides his barbaric nature by pretending to be other than what it is.


Image result for ‫خودسوزی های مجاهدین‬‎

MEK exploited Neda Hassani while she was a small girl to collect money for Mek in Greece.