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Who Are NTCM

We believe the Iranian regime must be changed. NTCM also consists of ex-High Ranking members of MEK and National Council of resistance NCRI, who have been victims of suppression and sexual abuses by terrorist-cult MEK leaders, Masoud and Maryam Rajavi. We help MEK's victims (Women, Men and Children) to recover and report about it. We disclose the strategy set forth by the MEK cult to deceive the world about their real goals and nature, which is to bring down the Western Civilization and its Culture, by pretending to be liberals, freedom loving, women’s right advocates, and even against fundamentalism to utilize all the resources in the West to gain power, then comes as Rajavi puts it "Mek’s Glorious Victory to bring down the corrupt West". NTCM defends Democracy and Human Rights and strongly condemns terrorism in all its forms and under any excuse backed by any religion and their destructive theories by disclosing their atrocities.

NTCM’s Recent Activities



Terrorist Cult Groups must be prevented from becoming Terrorist Cult Governments

Davood B Arshad

Mr Arshad speaking in EU Parliament.

Written by: D. B. Arshad

Human Rights violation as roots of Global Terrorism

There are daily reports of human rights abuses around the globe, from China in the Far East to Iran, Turkey, and Israel in the Middle East up to United States in America. But, today I want to talk about one of the greatest issues of our time, that is the preservation of human rights in places that mostly go unseen but have global consequences.

Dash crimes  ,جرائم داعش, جنایات داعش: کشتار مردم بی گناه

ISIS Terrorists

Masoud and Maryam Rajavi MEK leaders

Masoud and Maryam Rajavi MEK Terrorist  leaders

ISIS is well known but who is MEK ?


The Guardian of UK Sept 21, 2012 wrote:

The MEK cut a ‘swath of terror’ in the Middle East, but leaders have worked hard to convince the west they are peaceful now. …The MEK ran a bombing campaign inside Iran against the Shah’s regime the 1970s. The targets were sometimes American, including the US information office, Pepsi Cola, PanAm and General Motors. The group routinely denounced Zionism and “racist Israel”, and called for “death to America”. A state department report in 1992 identified the MEK as responsible for the killing of six Americans in Iran during the 1970s. They included three military officers and three men working for Rockwell International, a conglomerate specializing in aerospace including weapons, who were murdered in retaliation for the arrest of MEK members over the killings of the US military officers.

The MEK was an enthusiastic supporter of the seizure of the US embassy in Tehran following the Iranian revolution. It called the eventual release of the American hostages a “surrender”.

 Unveiling the MEK Terrorism from Inside it.  Report 

As a human rights activist and ex member of a terrorist Cult group called MeK for nearly four decades, also member of International Cult Studies Association.

I was a supporter, a member, of a cult called Mojahedin e Khalq e Iran—in short, MEK (or Mojahedin) led by Masoud and Maryam Rajavi based in Auvers Sur Oise Paris for almost four decades, and also as an ex-member of the National Council of resistance of Iran (the political wing of Mek) for nearly two decades, an organization that everyone can join but no one could leave without facing very serious consequences.

The first time I asked to leave the Cult Mek was under Saddam Hossein of Iraq, I faced 10 years imprisonment, but the second time I used the opportunity of the presence of Coalition Forces in Iraq and defected to them. No to Terrorism and Cults Association is the entity that I am active in, in Europe and help the victims of the Cultic Terrorist Organization such as MEK. I am also member of International Cult Studies Association (ICSA).

The Mek organization was included among the list of terrorist groups in the United States (US) and, until recently, in the European Union (EU).

I was recruited as a supporter of MEK while I was a student in UK back in 1978, where MEK pretended to be a political group struggling for independent, freedom and democracy at the Shah’s time. After the Shah’s downfall they surprisingly fully supported the barbaric act of taking over the American Embassy in Tehran and called it taking over of CIA’s Iran office. But after two years after the Shah was overthrown, the policy of MEK changed solely into violence. MEK opposed the Mullahs’ regime on the grounds of them paving the road for the Imperialists.

The disaster happen when the world by passes blind folded the terrorists and terrorism that we think are good, such as Taliban’s terrorism against Russians in Afghanistan, ISIS when fighting against Bashar Assad of Syria or Mek while using terrorism against the Iranian Regime.  Although the Iranian regime is not a regime that in any way can be supported.

Based on my experiences and my observations of other members of terrorist and cultic groups

  • A terrorist organization is a cult or, if it is not, it has no choice but to change into a cult to survive.
  • The key to this transformation is isolation of members and creating in them a phobia and paranoia toward the outside world through extensive processes of mind manipulations.
  • Depriving the members from their basic rights, free choice, and freedom of expression, in order to transfer them from human beings to instruments in the hands of the Cult leaders.
  • This is new form of slavery, which we very much witness and hear of the victims of these cults being exploited for blowing themselves up, beheading, burning people alive, bombing on the public places, or setting themselves aflame in public for different goals of the leaders of these cults.
  • Self Immolations ordered by the PMOI Cult in retaliations against it co-leader in Europe and Canada

    Self Immolations ordered by the PMOI Cult in retaliations against it co-leader’s arrest in Europe and Canada

In Iran, Mek cruelly exploited a 13 year old school girl called Giti o Sadat Jozi to blow herself up in a mosque at the praying time.

عملی انتخاری کنندگان

Pictures of the deceived members committing suicidal attack printed in MEK official Paper Mojahed with the target of each victim written

Mek repeated this brutality at least in 10 cases by utilizing young people in the same manner killing hundreds’ of innocent people.

What I think is very important to note is that, terrorists do not stop at violating the human rights of their claimed targets, terrorism and violation of Human Rights is applied on their own members with the same brutality.


Terrorism at the Heart of Paris  (Setting Members a light) 

IN 2003 after Mek’s co-leader Mrs. Maryam Rajavi was arrested by French Authorities on charges of terrorism, money laundry and human trafficking, which Millions of foreign currencies found in her personal safe.



She ordered members to set themselves a flame on the streets of the world to teach the French Judiciary a lesson …from a total of 12 persons who set themselves alight, 2 women died.


صدیقه مجاوری ..

Neda Agha Soltan left, Sedigheh Mojaveri right burned themselves to death by order of Maryam Rajavi


  1. Neda AghaSoltan a 26 year old university student in Canada died in London,

The English Guardian Wednesday 25 June 2003 wrote:

She was a Canadian computer science student who loved playing volleyball and listening to classical music. The 26-year-old from Ottawa, who died in hospital after setting herself alight, was described by her parents yesterday as a "brave girl who loved life”.


  1. The second victim was a mother of three children, Sedigeh Mojaveri died in Paris.
  2. Another was Mostafa Mohammadi set himself a flame in front of French Embassy in Canada but survived.

Mr. Mohammadi having been later enlightened is now an activist against Cults, and struggling to save his daughter from the Clenches of the Mek Terrorist Cult.

Maryam Rajavi Co-leader of Terrorist Cult PMOI, MEK

Maryam Rajavi Co-leader of Terrorist Cult PMOI, MEK

Silencing Human Rights Activists

Mek in collaboration with Saddam Hossein of Iraq repatriated its own dissident members to Iran.

MEK Leader Masoud Rajavi and Saddam Hossein

MEK Leader Masoud Rajavi and Saddam Hossein

But, when The Coalition Forces invaded Iraq in 2003 and after taking the control of Mek’s camps and forces, in compliance with all Geneva Conventions never did repatriate any Mek member to Iran.


MEK committed this act, Either by taking them directly to the border of Iran and Iraq and forced them to cross the border which were either shot dead by the border guards or in most cases were arrested by the Iranian border security forces which were later prosecuted, or by handing them to Saddam to be exchanged as the POW or Iranian infiltrated agents with Iran.

This is to silence the out spoken members and to teach the others inside the Cult a lesson in case they wanted to copy the outspoken, leave or disobey the orders.

It is amazing that the Terrorist Cults relate themselves to a religion and pretend to be fighting the world because of the injustice around the globe, for freedom of women, but in no way tolerate freedom of speech, criticism, human rights, or free will inside their Cult and kill indiscriminately from Moslems to Christians, Jews, or others, outside their Cult.

In MeK some of the cult victims were kept in solitary confinement for as long as eight years even before they were handed over to Saddam to be exchanged as POW.  Mohammad Hossein Sobhani is one of many who now live in Germany.


When in objection to the sever abuses of human rights, I asked to leave the Mek Cult in May 2002,  I faced 10 years prison sentence, eight years with Saddam’s Abu-Gorabe Prison, and two years inside the Mek prisons.

All these atrocities committed by Mek, only to prevent their dissident member’s voice from reaching outside it that the cult needs to deceive the world by pretending to be in support of the justice around the world to hide its real nature till reaching the power to show their real face as ISIS has done.

Forced Divorced Women, to join Rajavi’s Harem

In MEK Cult, Members have been forced to divorce their wives or husbands, children have been forced taken from their deeply need mothers and sent to other countries, so there would be no other center of love and affection for the women but Masoud Rajavi the cult leader who claimed himself as Caliph on Earth.


The women have been used as sex slaves by Masoud Rajavi arranged by his wife Maryam Rajavi justifying it as the only path to reach the truth and absolute freedom of women.

Froced devorced Women seduced to sleep with Masoud Rajavi and join his Harem.

Maryam Rajvi (second left) seduced forced divorced Women  to sleep with Masoud Rajavi and join his Harem.

Those who managed to escape now live in Europe have talked of horrible events with Masoud Rajavi the MEK leader.

The separated children of the members were brought back to Iraq for the visit a few years later in their school holidays but denied them the return and forced them to take up arms as young as 15 years of age, some were later killed in the clashes.

How they recruit

((Rand Report))  A Californian based Research Institute which provides Governments with its researches.

Rand Report

Rand Report on abuse of Human Rights in side the Mek Cult

MEK began a campaign of disingenuous recruiting. The MeK naturally sought out Iranian dissidents, but after they lost all their public support for their terrorism, they also approached Iranian economic migrants in such countries as Turkey and the United Arab Emirates with false promises of employment, Land,   Aid in applying for asylum in Western countries, and even marriage, to attract them to Iraq.

Relatives of members were given free trips to visit the MeK’s camps. Most of these “recruits” were brought into Iraq illegally and then required to hand over their identity documents for “safekeeping.” Thus, they were practically trapped.

Some form of solitary confinement, during which they are encouraged to change their minds. Conversely, the long-term indoctrination and isolation experienced by MeK members are likely to have instilled an exaggerated sense of loyalty, causing them to reject offers to separate themselves from their leaders.

While Mustafa Mohammedi who as a member had previously set himself alight in Canada for the Mek, together with his youngest daughter and lawyer were approaching Maryam Rajavi’s  the co-leader of the Mek base in Paris to ask for the release of his elder daughter from Mek’s Camp in Iraq, they were attacked on June 12, 2015 by more than a dozen members of the MEK.


Mostafa Mohammadi

حوریه محمدی1

Horieyeh Mohammadi-Daughter

Mohammedi and his young daughter were brutally beaten, both ended in Hospital.


Mohammedi’s daughter was taken to Iraq from Canada when she was 17 to see their family but was not allowed to return since then.

In another instance

Mr. Hossein Nejad an ex- member of the Cult was forced to lie to his young daughter in Iran on the phone and pretend to be in Germany and ask her daughter to come to Turkey to be taken to Germany for further studies, so she could be taken to Iraq from there.

Mr. Hossein Nejad usde an opportunity while the Cult’s watch dog was not aware, to tell her daughter that he was forced to phone her in her mother language Azari, so she realizes the trap and does not go to Turkey and not even answers the phones anymore, so escapes the trap.

Zineb and Azar


Mr Hossein Nejad Mek’s Top translator

The cult finds out listening to the recording of the conversation and sentenced Hossein Nejad to death for betraying the Calipha. Mr. Hossein Nejad who had already lost 3 of his family members including his wife and 2 brothers in this cult, managed to escape with the help of United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) from the camp in Iraq.

He now lives in Paris still under harassment by the Mek.  Mek found out his residence address and fills his neighbor’s post box with the leaflets that Hossein Nejad is a terrorist. Mr. Hossein Nejad is also a Human Rights Activist and pursuing his daughters release from the Terrorist cult Mek.


Mek has organized two mass arrests within its cult to suppress the revolt of the members against the leaders, in 1984 and 1994, which during this suppression hundreds of the members were arrested and taken to prison cells which went under torture to admit to be against the Cult’s Leader and agent of the enemy. During the two purges of dissident members many disappeared and killed. Some of those who survived the purge and could escape reported to international bodies.


Torture and killing

Human Rights Watch (HRW) report in 2005:

“The prison door opened, and a prisoner was thrown into the cell. He fell on his face. At first we didn’t recognize him. He was beaten up severely. We turned him around; it was Parviz Ahmadi taken for interrogations by loyal Mek members just a few hours before.”

Parviz Ahmadi’s case is one of many cases of human rights violations taking place in the Maryam Rajavi’s camp that were investigated by Human Rights Watch in May 2005.


The famous HRW report on the MKO titled No Exit revealed several cases of basic human rights abuses ,based on former members’ testimonies, committed by the Mek authorities. Parviz Ahmadi died after a few minutes before the eyes of his comrades who were present in the secret cells of Camp Ashraf. He was then listed as a Mek “martyrs” killed by Iranian intelligence agents, according to a former member of the MKO interviewed by HRW.


Human rights abuse within the terrorist cults is not only a humanitarian issue that needs to be very closely Monitored and report or shade tears for.

Cultic Terrorism is now a Global Issue.

Since we are no longer facing with a few bunch of terrorists that as in 1960s or 70s their act of terrorism aimed at a very limited and selected targets.

They are no longer confined to a territory, do not speech a single and common language, are not of a certain nationality or religion, and are not of very limited financial and military resources.


Paid audience from refugee camps

images (5)

Paid audience from refugee camps

They have unlimited financial resources, have oil fields under their control to utilize for their terrorism. They can organize very expensive gatherings around the world with paid speakers within the ex-officials of governments. They can hire expensive lobbies even in USA to meet their goals. Their main preliminary aim is to transfer themselves from Terrorist organizations to Terrorist Governments with huge resources at reach to pursue their medieval goals.


Paid speakers from around the globe

The World must be proactive towards Global Terrorism rather than reactive. We must prevent terrorist organizations from becoming Terrorist Governments.

As an ex-high level member of MEK and Member of National Council of resistance of Mek for nearly 4 decades, declare that, the strategy set for the organization has been, to deceive the world about Mek’s  real goals and nature, which is to bring down as Mek put it, the corrupt western Imperialism and its culture, by pretending to be liberals, freedom loving, women’s right advocates, and even against fundamentalism to utilize all the resources in the world to reach power, then with the resource at reach, their glorious victory will come when they bring down the corrupt west. The world is experiencing a small version of Mek by ISIS destroying all the evidences of Civilization as corrupt civilization in the territories occupied.


Masoud Rajavi the Mek’s Leader has proclaimed himself the Calipha of the World, meaning everything in the whole universe belongs to him.

MEK Cult Leader Masoud Rajavi copying Sadam Hossein of Iraq

MEK Cult Leader Masoud Rajavi copying Sadam Hossein of Iraq

Within the Cult, it means nobody owns himself; they all belong to him that is why his wife Maryam Rajavi arranges his sleeping with the women inside the Cult expanding Masoud Rajavi’s Harem with more women. It also means, every bodies life is Caliph’s so when ordered for a suicidal attack it must be immediately obeyed. What happened in June 17  2003.

It is a great insult to human conscience in the 21 Century that a narcissist decides for the whole world.

Controlling the hearts and minds of people through mind manipulations to exploite them to destroy our Freedom, Democracy and our Civilization.

We must open our eyes and not be deceived by future ISISs,

Mek and all terrorist Cultic groups must be controlled and put under close watch.

Maryam Rajavi must be questioned about her atrocities committed inside Mek cult and by her cult members.


Their cultic relationship which is the base material for terrorism must seriously be challenged and members must be released from the cult leader’s control.


We must be proactive towards terrorism rather than reactive, in order not to have more ISISs around.


We must be proactive and prevent Terrorist Cult Groups from becoming Terrorist Cult Governments.

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